Thursday, March 17, 2011

Operation Write Home Project!

OK so I found something to get my card making hands busy again, because for some reason in my heart I wanted to get making stuff again but in my head I just couldn't get myself motivated enough, it might have something to do with the "remodel" of the craft room again, Thom and I grabbed another desk and decided to make the room more user friendly than company friendly and took up the whole room with desks and tables to give us more room for our "creating" he is really getting into his airbrushing and I am really enjoying watching him get so into it.  His pictures are getting better and better and more crisp, so I sit here watching him paint and keep thinking I need to make something SO I found a post on facebook about OPERATION WRITE HOME its a group that makes handmade only cards and sends them to the troops for them to send to friends, family etc.  Well since I have been feeling very thankful for the men and women who choose to fight for us, but don't have the money to send any of that, when this option came along I really jumped into it!  I got moving and finished (almost) finding new homes for all my supplies and organizing the rest so night before last I finally got started and through yesterday got 8 cards done and I am going back to make more as soon as this post is done.  I think the HARDEST part for me doing this was NOT USING ANY GLITTER  OMG I am glitter addicted and it is nearly impossible for me to make ANYTHING without the use of sparkly, so this has really added to the challenge.  Well enough of my yappin' here is what I have so far and I hope to have more to add each day the cutoff is March 31 for them to receive Mothers Day cards so I am going to feverishly work on those for another week to give enough time for them to get out to the HQ of OWH.

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