Friday, April 1, 2011

OK so I

failed at getting here each day!  BUT I still have been busy making cards! and some other stuff so here we go well I had been trying out making these really pretty paper roses and posted a pic on facebook and my bff saw them and her smart butt self says "those are pretty you should make me a dozen"  well her birthday was just a couple weeks away so I did :O)
 I filled the vase with skittles I had dyed with alcohol ink
 painted the wood dowels and stuck em in... just fyi when the alcohol ink dries it make it solid... but NOT solid enough for the postal service  lol when she got it she told me the skittles were everywhere in the box but when I put it in there they wouldn't budge! oh yea the chocolate kisses are there cause I was going to try and fill it with them instead but that just wouldn't do what I wanted them too so OUT they went!
 I added leaves also but this is the only pic I took of any of the leaves it really popped when the leaves were added!

 This was the card I made for her

 I was informed by another friend that I was going to make her cry when she got them  lol  DIDN'T mean too they were meant to make her smile (she was really in a rough patch at that time) and I was informed by her when she got them that she DID in fact cry  lol  but she said they were good tears so I guess thats ok!

Another friend was having a Birthday soon after that one (VERY BUSY FEBRUARY for me)  so i made her this little thing...

 I really enjoy cutting the HOT PIZZA font it cuts very well and looks great!  This was my first attempt at letters with shadows and a mat with my expression and MTC

 and the card I made for her... met her at KARAOKE so thought this fit perfectly, thankful for a friends generosity with the stamp!  I am not happy these days with the vellum tape runners still show through!  I used some scent my cards from

Now here are the recent cards I have made for Operation Write Home...  I was DUH and missed the mailing date for the Mother's day cards so they will have them early for next year  lol  but these next ones will be General Birthday, miss you, love you  etc

and last but not least the OWH team did some challenges a couple of saturday's ago I got to join in a couple one was a vest card... and the other was what you like best about summer  well my answer being NOTHING I HATE SUMMER wouldn't really make a card so I went with the outdoor cooking!  lol

ok well that's it for now...  I plan to be very creative this weekend so we will see come Monday!  Everyone have a great Friday and an even better weekend!