Tuesday, August 30, 2011

and we continue...


So when we woke up Sat am we continued....

 The stuff had to go someplace.... right  :O)

 and now.... new color  NO MORE PINK ROOM!!!

close to midnight

 the DREADED ribbon rack!!   UGH  my kryptonite  lol

Ok we are going to bed... restart in the am bright and early!

a couple hours in..... about 8pm friday night

The room before short video

the before pictures

 The North wall
 The East wall
 The South wall

 The West wall

 From the door towards South wall

 Straight in from the door

Friday, August 12, 2011

The quest begins......

So tonight we are starting the demo/reno of the "PINK ROOM", which is supposed to be the craft/computer room but things went a little wonky... But if you know me I love a challenge and I love to organize... so that is what we are hoping to accomplish!  pics will follow, please leave comments!