Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cruise book

So this is my project at the moment .... my mil and sil went on a cruise with some of sil's inlaws it was an all girls cruise and boy it looks like they had a blast!! So I am in the process of making 8 books for them to give for christmas presents. At first I thought I could do something ship shaped (lol) but couldn't really find much that would work.... then someone sent me to a posting of a cruise that was done with a cricut ship, it was awsome!! the girl that did it did such a great job, I had to go back and figure out what to do lol... so I went into the wishblade program and with the basic ship shape (but had to make it bigger I have like 100 pics to put in it) and viola... this is what I have come up with. At this point I have all 8 cut out and bound but I only have the first one about 60% finished so I will post more pics as I finish it up... you can see what I have done so far below :O)

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